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Hybid & Off-Grid

Solar System WITH Battery Back Up – Hybrid & Off-Grid Solutions

These solar systems are principally meant to be used for a home or business where there are frequent disconnections power outages (also referred to as ‘Load-Shedding’). At night the inverter automatically switches charging from from Solar to Electricity Grid and serves as a normal UPS providing backup through batteries during load shedding.

NET METERING for battery back-up solutions are minimum supported by 10KW Solar System.

Equipment used in Battery Back Up Systems:
Solar Panels (Tier 1 Brands) (10 Years Warranty)
Hybrid or Off-Grid Solar Inverter (1 Years Warranty)
Solar Batteries (1Year Warranty for Narada & Volta & 2Years Warranty for DynaVolt)
Mounting Structure
Wiring & Installation Accessories

Available Sizes of Battery Back Up Solutions:
1 KW – 25 KW +

The following packages have been designed to enable our cleints select their solar systems right away.

The loads mentioned below will run throughout the day on solar without any interruptions as long as the sun shines.
At night the system will automatically convert itself from Solar to Wapda and provide back up energy  during load shedding, like a normal UPS.

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during load shedding, like a normal UPS.

** Daytime Working Hours: 7 Hours for Winters, 10 Hours for Summers
** Backup Time During Load Shedding at Night: Minimum 1 Hour (can be increased as per client requirement)

We customize solutions for our clients to ensure they are provided with the best quality & cost effective solar system solution to power their needs.