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We offer Solar Solutions with and without battery backup starting from 1KW to 25KW+ for residences.

Solar System Without Battery Back Up – NET METERING SOLUTION

A Grid-Tied or On-Grid solar system is connected with the utility power grid and does not provide backup power during load shedding due to absence of batteries. On-Grid Systems are cheaper because they do not involve the initial cost of batteries and results in a shorter payback period between 3 – 5 years for the users (depending on the system size).

This system supports NET METERING and allows users to sell excess electricity back to the electricity grid during the day.

Equipment used in On-Grid Systems:
Solar Panels (Tier 1 Brands) (10 Years Warranty)
On-Grid Solar Inverter (5 Years Warranty)
Mounting Structure
Wiring & Installation Accessories
Available Sizes of On-Grid Solutions:
4 KW – 25 KW +